Animals are the real victims of this earth. They didn't declare war, they don't have weapons and they don't want to destroy humans or impose religion. Their only "crime" is that they exist.

-Nitesh Khare, Founder and President, SAS India

The earth is large enough for all to share, but mankind's heart is not large enough to care for animals.

_ Ayesha Jhulka, Vice President, SAS India

When humans act with cruelty we characterise them as 'animals', yet the only animal that displays cruelty is humanity.
- Sudhir Kudalkar, ACP, Anti Corruption, Mumbai Police

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- Jaya Bhattacharya, Engagement Lead, SAS India

The reason I dedicate myself to helping animals so much because there are so many people dedicated to hurting them
- Pallavi Rao, Team Manager, SAS India

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"Join us to make the Animal Laws Stricter - InkaBhiHaqHai"

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