Feeders ePass Registration | SAS India

Animals play a vital role in balancing the ecology and hence, feeding such stray animals is also important. But, the feeding has to be done in a proper way. The feeding of stray dogs at spots near residential or high human traffic areas may lead to opportunities for human and animals to come into contact with each other. Through responsible feeding, public health concerns and safety issues can be reduced significally to bring forth a better environment for a peaceful coexistence of human and animals. If you are one of those responsible feeders, you are welcome to apply for the pass.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Issue of Feeder ePass is subjected to approval.
  2. It takes 2-3 working days for the approval/denial ,once we receive your application.
  3. A nominal fee of INR 225 is applicable once the application is approved.
  4. ePass will be mailed on your registered email id in 4-5 working days post approval. 
  5. ePass can be cancelled anytime if the feeder is found violating the rule. 
  6. Reference of SAS Member will be an add on for approval. 
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