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The Animal Cruelty was introduced to the Legal System of almost every country across the globe due to the continuous increase in the cases. Every place has now its own animal welfare acts and associated punishments for the betterment of the lives of animals.

These acts clearly describe guidelines, rights and restrictions on different matters relating to animal torture and to punish them for indulging into unlawful activities. Importance of law can be understood by the need of creating them. Because some people somehow show that for them no creature is more important than their money, luxury, dignity, and entertainment. For such people, enforcing strict laws and making them realize the wrongness in their deeds becomes very important.

Animal Harassment Laws & Protection Organizations In India!
Like any other crime, animal cruelty has to be treated as a crime against animals and the guilty must be punished by the law for the same. There is however, much more that should be revisited in the laws so that idea of animal cruelty as a heinous and disgusting crime can come out, loud and clear. Legal Associates play a very vital role in any organization to streamline the process and deal with such cases.

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