Report a Case | Karnataka

Please read the below terms and conditions properly.
1. The actual complaint should only describe an animal cruelty case on webline. No one on behalf of the witness should report a case with Society for Animal Safety (SAS) India.
2. SAS India team members should only accept webline registered Animal cruelty cases. Any case which is not registered on webline and handled by SAS members on their individual or personal capacity will not be
entertained and SAS India is not responsible for any legal complications occurred during the lawsuit.
3. Complainant name cannot be kept anonymous and will be partaken with the opposite party whenever asked for. Yet, personal details like address, contact number, Email ID, etc. Will be held confidential.
4. SAS India holds all the rights and reservations to verify the legitimacy of the case before proceeding further with any legal actions. If the facts cited in the online complaint are manipulated, SAS India holds all the rights to deny handling the case

    Please read and agree to the following agreements *