Help Society for Animal Safety (SAS) India

Giving is not just about making a donation, it is about creating a difference and making a change!

Donate generously, just, as much as you think you can, because your money will surely help some voiceless animals lead a healthy happy life!

Even a small amount from you counts. 

“Small actions by lots of people can make big changes!”

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for SAS India

For each suffering animal, SAS stands strong, not only to save and help but also to fight legally for its justice. Just as a humans deserve justice when being done wrong with, so does an animal. It has an equal life, an equal breath.

Be it, any animal, SAS won’t ever let it fend on its own. Every life, whether of an animal or of a human, is equally important and hence deserves equal love and respect.

Be Kind, Be Passionate, Raise your voice against Animal Cruelty!

Types of cases handled in SAS India

Why SAS India needs Funds?

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